N.B :This prises are T.T.C. - The breakfast is included in all these tariffs
Dinners are free for under 4 years old . Children aged between 4 and 7 years will pay half-price.

Prices and conditions
Price 1 person

Price of the room by night, except meal, breakfast included
                       40 €
Reservation : 25 % of stay

Price 2 persons

Price of the room by night, except meal, breakfast included
                       48 €
Reservation : 25 % of stay

Price "soirée étape"

Only for professionnal activities and not for W.E. We propose you a price including meal, breakfast and room by night. Answer us.

We put at your disposal an additional bed, a seat for baby, etc... please, reserve them before your coming.

Lastly, use of our knowledge of the area to organize your activities.

                       THE GUEST TABLE

You could take your meal at the guest table. (Only evening).
In addition to discover an authentic provençal cookery
, manufactured with only fresh products of the country, it's an excellent way to know each other.

The price is about 17 € by adult person, wine and coffee include.

Spécial meals could be cooked on your suggestions.





You will find below the general financial conditions we propose to you. We are at your disposal to study the particular cases you possibly could to subject us.
To make your réservation, or to obtain additionnal information, click on the button 'Contact BATTAREL". So you will have acces to our adress and phone, and could send us an email.

We wish early welcome you and in this expectation, we transmit our greetings to you.

                                                             Marie hélène and Laurent MERAT